Thank you so much for your interest in advertising on Afro Puffs and Ponytails website!  Providing ad space serves as one of our avenues for raising funds for the organization.  By advertising with us, you will become one of our valuable supporters!

If you have any questions regarding our requirements, please use our contact form to let us know.


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  • It is very important to us and our audience that we provide a positive online experience for the young girls and parents who visit our website.  Therefore, we must approve of businesses, services, or products prior to placing an ad on AP&P, Inc.
  • If you are approved to advertise on AP&P Inc., ads/banners must be in harmony with the overall aesthetics of our website. (Founder’s discretion) R


Right Sidebar

125 x 125 Button  

  • 30 days – $25.00
  • 60 days – $40.00



 Right Sidebar

300 x 150 Advertisement

  • 30 days – $35.00
  • 60 days – $65.00





Home Page – Right Sidebar

250 x 250 Home Page – Top Advertisement in the right side bar and the Top Advertisement on the Empower Black Girls Pages right side bar

30 days – $75.00







Super Special Ad – 250 x 250 near the bottom of every blog post and every event listing for 30 days $75.00 (30 days maximum)

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