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Afro Puffs and Ponytails present Destiny Welch, a 15-year-old beautiful, smart, and talented African American girl from Maryland as our newest High Achiever!


I was checking my emails from visitors of Afro Puffs and Ponytails and I came across an interesting message. It included information about a soon-to-be new foundation called A Gift From An Angel. I was not sure of what to do with the information, as it appeared to be just that, an informational message.  I emailed the individual and this is reply that I received in response to my inquiry:


Hello Miss Thomas,


Thank you for your quick reply.  I was just browsing the internet and your website caught my eye.  It caught my eye because I am an inspiring African American Girl.  I created my “A Gift From An Angel Foundation” in memory of my brother Philip.  He was a passenger in a tragic motorcycle accident on April 13, 2001.  He passed away when he was 12 years old.  At the time, I was only five and I wanted to keep his memory alive in my heart.  My family and friends all told me that my brother was an Angel and that is where it all began.  I bought as many Angel Souvenirs as I could and people I didn’t even know donated a lot of them or family and friends gave them to me.  On September 11, 2001, my brother’s best friend was killed in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.  That’s when I donated my very first Angel Souvenir to his sister who is also a very good friend of mine.  Wow! as you can see I have been through a lot in my life. 

The Lt. Governor of Maryland and Miss Maryland Jr. Teen 2008-2009

The Lt. Governor of Maryland and Miss Maryland Jr. Teen 2008-2009

I am a 15-year-old girl with dreams and I am putting my dreams into action.  I speak at schools, churches, community events, and I even share my platform in scholarship pageants.  I am Miss Maryland Junior Teen 2008-2009.   I am proud of who I am and what I do in my community to help other children cope with the loss of their loved ones, but most of all I am proud to be an African American Girl.  I just sent you a copy of my speech to let you know what I am doing in Prince George’s County and the state of Maryland. 

I know that people help others because it’s just the right thing to do, but what you and I are doing to help others I know it is coming from our hearts.  I just wanted to thank you and let you know that your help is greatly appreciated. 



Destiny Michelle Welch

A Gift From An Angel, Founder

According to her mother Mrs. Welch, Destiny is a Honor Roll Student and a Scholar Athlete as well.  She is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and she was awarded the President Of The United States Academic Excellence Award and the President’s Gold, Silver , and Bronze Volunteer Service Awards for her continued involvement in the community.  Mrs Welch, who is very proud of her daughter stated,

“Destiny is not just trying to make a difference, she is determined to be the difference”.

Destiny’s confidence, kind heart, and her ability to recognize her inner beauty makes her a well deserving High Achiever for Afro Puffs and Ponytails.  If you would like to know more about her foundation, please click here to visit her website.

Congratulations Destiny!

2012 Update for Destiny Welch

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  1. Jerome Brown, 6 years ago

    Hi, this is your Uncle Jerome and are now about to start your first full time employment. Wow, how much you have grown up! Just Proud of all you have contributed to this beautiful United States. Congratulations on Miss MAC Coed.

    Love, Uncle Jerome Brown

  2. Toni Welch, 11 years ago

    Ms. Thomas,

    This is a correction on the Miss Black USA website.
    When the website comes up click on Talented Teens. Then look for Destiny she’s representing Maryland.

  3. Toni Welch, 11 years ago

    Hi Ms. Thomas,

    Every now and then I visit your website and it’s beautiful. I am Destiny’s mother. Destiny has three pageant titles and she’s keeping me busy. She is Miss Maryland Junior Teen for National American Miss and she won a trip to the National Pageant in DIsneyland, California. She also toured the famous streets of Hollywood. SHe represented Maryland well and came home with six National trophies. She won the title of Miss Maryland Teen for American Coed Pageants and is headed to Disneyworld in November for the National Pageant. She is also Miss Black Maryland Talented Teen USA and their National Pageant will be held in Washington DC Aug.4-9. Destiny is very excited and preparing for competition. Wish her luck. You can visit the websites to read about her pageant accomplishments.,, don’t forget to click on Maaryland. Keep intouch and I will do the same. Toni Welch

  4. Mark Joyeux / YIP Photography, 11 years ago

    I have the pleasure of knowing Destiny Welsh and have learned about her many accomplishments to date. She is truly a role model to “all” young people. Miss Welsh has a very humble and sweet spirit. Destiny…If you read this…..I am Mr. Mark (your personal photographer) You will have free photo shoots for as long as you need…lol

  5. Cindy Harris, 11 years ago

    Bless you and all the good you do.

    Angel Hugs,

  6. Destiny, 11 years ago

    Hi it’s me Destiny,

    Thanks for all of the comments. I am doing good and getting ready for the summer. Can you believe I will be a Senior in High School. I went to the Prom and it was really nice. I played Soccer, Fast Pitch Softball, and Basketball this year. I have 3 Pageant Titles : Miss Maryland Junior Teen 2010-2011 National American Miss, Miss Maryland Teen 2011-2012 Miss American Coed, and Miss Black Maryland USA Talented Teen 2011-2012. I am putting my applications in for the Naval Academy and Maryland University, Wish me luck. I will keep you updated. Again thanks everyone.


  7. Shanita Swann, 12 years ago

    Hello Destini,

    My name is Shanita Swann and I as well am trying to make a difference. After reading this you have really inspired me to believe more in myself and to know that the sky is the limit. I am also starting a foundation “It’s Never to Late too Start Believing” for children and teens that have been abadoned, we befriend them as well as watch out for these young ones, allowing them to realize that they are not alone in this world and that when they set a goal, don’t watch it go by, accept the consequences because failure is never an option. You never know where your heart can take you if you never gave your a heart a try.

    You are a beautiful and talented young lady. I hope the best for you as well as your family. Thank you for inspiring me even more. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Keep up the Good Work. God Bless!

    Shanita Swann

  8. Dolly Johnson, 12 years ago

    Hi Destiny! It has been a very long time since I have seen you and your family, but I have been following your accomplishments through conversations with Vickie and online. I am so very proud of all that you have accomplished so far and can tell you that you have always been a remarkable person. I have always admired your mom and dad for all of their efforts in supporting you and I know they will continue to do so. Keep up the good fight Destiny and always know that people are watching you, for good reasons and some, unfortunatley, for not so good reasons, but as long as you do what you know to be right, you will always be on top! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! I am sure Phillip is smiling down on you!

  9. Destiny Welch, 13 years ago

    Hello Everyone,

    Soccer is almost over and my team had a good season. I will be trying out for basketball again this year which starts next month. I have been busy with my High School Marching Band since football season is going on. I play the clarinet. The Miss Black America Maryland Teen pageant is Nov. 7, 2009. I am counting down the day’s when I compete. Wish me luck. Take care and thanks for all of the nice comments. Love Ya, Destiny

  10. M. B., 13 years ago

    I just read about Ms. Destiny’s courage, strength, and tenacity. It was all very inspiring. I do hope and pray that you will continue to touch lives, as you have touched mine. God bless you and your lovely family.

  11. Destiny Welch, 13 years ago

    Hi it’s me Destiny! OMG Thanks so much to all of you who left such nice comments. I send a special thank you to my Grandparents who are the best Hand Dancers in Washington D.C. and I am sorry I forgot to mention you and the Our Lady Queen of Peace Senior Dancers. I have been so busy preparing for my upcoming Miss Black America Maryland Teen Pageant that will be held in November 2009. I am in the 10th Grade this year and I will be running for Student Government Association Vice President at my school. I made Varsity Soccer again this year and our first game is today. Wish me luck and I will be sending updates very soon. I love you all and may God continue to bless all of you every day of your lives.

  12. Cheryl Greenwood, 13 years ago

    First let me say I smile everytime I hear of your accomplishments. There are so many things you could be doing. Im glad you’re using your time for good. There are 2 words that are dear to me 1 is your name & the other is what you are “VICTORY & DESTINY”

  13. Rhonda and Holly Guilbeau, 13 years ago

    We met Destiny and her family many years ago. They are an inspiration to all.

  14. Johnny Hearn - San Antonio, 13 years ago

    I have never met Miss Destiny personally, but I do know her Grandparents, Uncles, Aunt, and Mother. With that said I know she is from a background that is God fearing, rock-solid and built around family values. Destiny congratulations on your accomplishments and all that you have achieved early in your life. Continue to keep God in your day-to-day life and he will continue to bless you and guide you along the path to your life goals. Much Love from your Texas family!

  15. Ms. Mays, 13 years ago

    Congratulatios Destiny! We always have a choice in our lives to create beauty and find our best selves even in difficult circumstances and you have chosen to be responsible, courageous, and an example of a queen in training. Thank you and Congratulations!

    Ms. Mays

  16. Luisa Paucchi, 13 years ago

    I had the honor of being Destiny’s 6th grade teacher. She is an amazing young lady and a role model for both the young and old! Destiny was recently the keynote speaker at our school’s 6th grade promotion. Many of the students remembered her from when she attended our school and several students came up to me later to tell me what an inspiration Destiny is to them. I am so proud of Destiny!

  17. Levet Brown Jr, 13 years ago

    Did I mention? Destiny is my grand daughter. Just in case I didn’t, Destiny is my grand daughter. She didn’t mention, but, she is special, especially, to the Our Lady Queen of Peace Senior Dancers, Southeast, Washington, DC…GrandPa Brown

  18. Mrs. Welch, 13 years ago

    Mrs. Thomas,

    I sent your beautiful website to my family and friends. I hope you will be getting some positive responses soon.
    Again Thank you for your kind interest in my daughter.
    (Destiny Welch)

    Sincerely, Mrs. Welch

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