Gabrielle Hayes – aka Mini-Diva!

Afro Puffs and Ponytails is proud to present our latest High Achiever, Gabrielle Hayes!

When talking to Gabrielle Hayes of North Carolina, aka Mini-Diva, one might make the mistake of thinking that she is a quiet, shy girl who might run from a fight. They would be wrong.  Mini-Diva is anything but that. She is strong-willed and determined with a quick wit.  But those who know her say that she is also kind, loving, and a loyal friend.

Gabrielle is in the 7th grade and her favorite subjects in school are language arts and history.  Although she says that she is not so good in math, another girl openly challenged her and said that she was unable to do a problem on the board. Mini-Diva took the challenge and surprised the girl and her teacher by doing the problem and getting the right answer!

She loves reading, writing, shoes, make-up and doing her nails. But her favorite things are her Teddy Bears. She also loves wearing her hair in natural curls and it is one of her trademarks. Her favorite colors are purple, gold, and fuchsia. And she also loves Afro Puffs and Ponytails!

Mini-Diva is the Chief Correspondent for High Achievers of Afro Puffs & Ponytails and the Editor-in-Chief of the upcoming Triple P Girls Magazine.

If you want to know more about Mini-Diva and the wonderful projects that she is working on, contact her at

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  1. La-Cresha Brooks, 11 years ago

    Chief correspondent? and Editor in Cheif? You go girl!!! You are only in 7th grade and already you have big titles!!! Keep up the good work….You so deserve it!!!! I will be looking out for the magazine!!!

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