Linda – Newport News, VA


Our High Achiever for this week is Linda of Newport News Virginia.  She has been selected due to her wonderful attitude and her strong commitment to succeed despite her circumstances.

Linda is a resilient and high spirited high school sophomore with a heart of gold surrounded by a strong impenetrable protective covering. I have had the opportunity to spend time with Linda and whereas others would call her my mentee, I must say that I have taken to her as if she were my very own daughter.

Without going into specific details, I am aware of many of her personal struggles and circumstances that are very much beyond her control, yet she handles them in a manner that even adults would have great difficulty with handling.  We were discussing her grades and her ability to complete her work and she made the comment that she knows that she can do better and how important it is for her to succeed although many have already written her off due to her situation.  To her, the very fact that many are expecting the worst, fuels her passion to show them otherwise.

She is a strong young lady who doesn’t mind asking or texting during her times of uncertainty four (4) precious words.  “Please pray for me”.

Linda, God knows your struggles and He cares dearly for you.  May He continue to bless you to grow into a beautiful young lady in mind, body and soul.

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  1. Linecia, 13 years ago

    Inspiring story for all to “keep the faith” despite our circumstances. Linda, I wish you peace, prosperity and strength!

  2. Cousin Tiff, 13 years ago

    Beauty and Brains! I’m scared of you. Most importantly, you love God and you know how important it is to keep Him first in your life. Keep those scriptures coming! Stay strong. Love you.

  3. Teresa, 13 years ago

    I am living proof that education is the key to success. No matter what may come, keep your head in your books. Soon enough you will have the ability to chart your course for the rest of your life. I have faith in you that you can do it.

  4. Aunt Cindy, 13 years ago

    I hope and pray that lots of love and happiness will saturate your future – you certainly deserve it! Keep your head up.
    Aunt Cindy & Cousin Angel

  5. Dionne, 13 years ago

    You are sooooooo Beautiful! I love you and am so very, very proud of you!

    Cousin Dionne

  6. Peaches, 13 years ago

    Very proud of you lil Cuz!!! Keep ya faith 🙂

  7. Veronica, 13 years ago


    I am so proud of you!

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