MaKayla Williams – Bonding and Building Leadership Skills

This week’s High Achiever is Makayla Williams of Round Rock, TX.

I found out about Makayla from one of our wonderful supporters, Mrs. Christine Williams of Noah’s Ark Animal Workshops.  Mrs. Williams is a Party Leader for the workshops and Makayla, her daughter,  is a great assistant for Mrs. Williams!  Here’s what she had to say about Makayla.

“During the actual workshops she assists the kids with stuffing the animals and filling out the birth certificates as well as taking their pictures with the finished bears. She and the kids love that part! My husband & I are usually handling the money and writing the receipts while she becomes  what she calls an Art Director”!

It is very clear that Makayla enjoys helping her parents with the workshops and she has even mastered completing the preparations and activities during the event!

In spending time with her family, she is not only bonding and building beautiful relationships that will last forever, she is also building self confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills, and many more skills that will help her along the way.

According to Makayla, her favorite part of the workshops is  helping kids give stuffed animals personalities and doing fund-rasiers and giving back.

“Me and my Mommy get to hang out together and have fun. I also get to earn some money and buy jewelry, headbands, purses and shoes from other booths! Oh, and I like seeing all the kids happy faces especially when they say their wish aloud and I get to take their picture for our scrap book.  I want to be a pastry chef or dentist or fashion buyer one day and own my own business just like my Mommy”. 

Congratulations Makayla! I know your parents are very proud of you and  so are we!

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  1. Robert Williams, 11 years ago

    We are proud of our baby. She is maturing into a beautiful young lady right before our very own eyes. Best wishes to Afro Puffs and Ponytails for encouraging her!

  2. Christine Williams, 11 years ago

    Thank you for publishing such an inspiring article! We are so proud of Makayla and love you guys for recognizing the hard work of all young children.

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