MaKhyli Simpson – A Beautiful Girl Born to Perform

Today, we are featuring Makhyli Simpson as one of our High Achievers! She dances, she sings, and she is growing into the natural performer that she dreams of being! Please visit her website, like her facebook page, and encourage her to continue striving for success. Keep up the great job Makhyli, we are proud of you!

“My name is Makhyli Simpson. Most people call me Khyli, but my favorite nick name is the one my older brother gave me, which is “Mack”. I currently reside in Grand Rapids, MI and I attend a creative arts elementary school, where I take dance, drama and sing in honors choir. I also attend the Grand Rapids Civic Theater and the Van Andel Science Institute where I research plants and animals.

I decided I wanted to be a model when I was only 3 years old, but I was really shy. When I got older, I asked my mom to help me stop being so shy so that I could pursue my dreams. After she helped build my confidence, I didn’t only start to model, but I made the competitive dance team, became a gymnast, joined the community choir, and discovered my passion for acting and modeling!”

Makhyli Simpson


Makhyli has a very nice website with more of her beautiful photos. To read about all of her talents, please click the banner!

MaKyli Simpson banner



MaKhyli 1  MaKhyli 2

MaKhyli 3

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