Lanay – Medical Malpractice Paralegal

Afro Puffs and Ponytails present Lanay, an African American Professional  Woman and advocate for single African American mothers.

lanay91Lanay is a Medical Malpractice Paralegal. In this role, she researches and prepares documents for attorneys who specialize in the Medical Field. Lanay is also a mother, author, and entrepreneur in the process of starting up a Non-Profit Organization called ADVOCATE 4 U FOUNDATION, which focuses on helping single African American mothers who reside in the District of Columbia, state of Maryland and Virginia areas to become more self sufficient and live more productive lives. She is also the creator/administrator of an African American Women’s Network called SISTA’ UNITY, where Women of Color unite from all over the world, from all walks of life to offer mentoring and encouragement to less fortunate Women of Color. Lanay received her Legal Certification from George Washington University in Washington, DC.  She also attended E.C.P.I School of Technology in Roanoke, VA, where she majored in Business & Networking.

My advice to young girls is to stay focused and and reach for the stars.  Find your purpose and let it lead your life and never let anyone stop you from fulfilling your dreams!


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  1. audrej j neal, 13 years ago

    greetings, good work with your program, with positive strides. i am trying to find an attorney who will persue a malpractice case for me. i live in balt. md. a doctor here performed a procedure on my hand and damaged a nerve. my current doctor said no one in md will persue the case for me because the ‘dont’ sh– where they eat’, so i can’t go back to my old job, my hand is geetingworse, i have a lawyer who is neither passionate or aggressive and only wants to make sure iwif pays my salary. my hand has steadily deterioating. that doctor is liable for the injury he caused on top of my orignal injury can you help me please???410-233-5960, had 5 cortisone injections already.

  2. Sun, 13 years ago

    Keep up the good work! I heard “when you help others your hands become God’s hands.”

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