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Afro Puffs and Ponytails, Inc had the opportunity to meet Sophie Foster, the founder of How Precious Designs by Sophie at an event held in Atlanta by the Gems and Jewels Empowerment Group. Ms. Sophie had a nice setup displaying her girly girl products and accessories and it wasn’t long before the majority of the girls (and some of the adults) were proudly sashaying those adorable accessories all over the place! I wanted to sport some myself!


Well I certainly wanted to know all about the inspiration behind those pretty accessories that the girls and their parents were purchasing so quickly! Here’s Ms. Sophie’s beautiful story:

Sophie’s Inspirational Story

I am the owner of How Precious Designs by Sophie. I make hair bows, sparkly bracelets and tutus for precious girls. This business was inspired by a friend a year ago, but became an official business January 2011. I am a wife and a mother of two.

How Precious is not just a business for me it’s a ministry. Each item, each accessory is an inspiration from God. As a young lady growing up into woman hood, I had my mother to help mold and shape me and my sister into confident women, but it was a struggle for me. I didn’t find myself beautiful; I was the darkest of the two, with a wide noise and big eyes. I felt that I didn’t look special, so why feel it? I wanted to be everything except wh0 I me. Later in High School, I begin to see how precious and beautiful black is. My school was a predominately white school; I had a mixture of friends. There is where I understood how different I was but special. I joined a group called Team Challenge, a group of teens who would visit different middle schools in the urban area. We would speak to young girls and boys about  their own power and strengths, staying in school, doing the right things. I met so many little precious girls that didn’t know their precious beauty. I really began to tap into my beauty as I began to serve and help other young girls with Teen Challenge.

I feel my bows and sparkles are an expression of what a girl is or can become. I love colors, and I like jewels! My bows are bright, colorful and fun. My goal for How Precious is to really display what girls really like. As I first started out, I remember not being so sure of my products, I was nervous. But when I attended my first vendor fair, I then knew that God had given me something special. I remember attentively watching each girl as they visited my table. They asked “did you make them, in amazement, I like them, and I wish I can buy them all”. They were literally trying to buy them all. I promise you, I didn’t have to sell not one bow; the feedback from those girls was all I needed.

I want to continue to create accessories that girls like, that express them, that make them feel as special as they are.

I don’t believe I will reach my customers with my products; it will be with LOVE, I really believe that! Each girl that I meet at fairs and shows, I try to say something positive, I ask them about school, and how they are doing in school. You’ll be surprised at how special that can be to a deserving girl.


I want girls to know this: Love you, love yourself, even if you can’t find someone to remind you of this every day. Look in the mirror and shout, hey I love me, I am precious, and I am me,  and I love me! Know that God loves you, He created you, and there is no greater love like our Father’s love.

Please visit Ms. Sophie’s beautiful website (click here)

Facebook Page (click here)

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  1. Cheryl Pope, 10 years ago

    OMG! The accessories are darling! May have to get something for my princess:)

  2. Sheena, 11 years ago

    I love this post. Particular the part when she said its not a “business for me it’s a ministry.” I love the hair accessories they are to cute.

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