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lineciaLinecia Gilmore is a corporate contract attorney, entrepreneur and founder of, a self-empowerment movement for women and girls inspired by the life and values of First Lady Michelle Obama.  A graduate of George Washington University Law School and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,  Linecia has held various positions within the sports, marketing and entertainment fields from managing professional athletes to organizing special events. 

While witnessing the 2008 Presidential Campaign, Linecia experienced a sense of pride and hope that transformed into a vision to empower women and girls around the world.  In her view, “Michelle Obama is an inspiration to all women, she exemplifies the American Dream and she has proven that the Dream is attainable.  We can no longer stand aside and complain about the disadvantages of the world, we must claim our place and move forward with the determination to change the world!” 

In January 2009 with prayer, determination and faith, Linecia launched  Her goal was to inspire women and girls to empower themselves through self-empowerment awareness, community service, political awareness and professional development.  Through weekly blog posts covering various issues affecting women and girls, a weekly feature of an everyday woman doing extraordinary things, discussions on political news, and participation in community service activities, Linecia is pursuing her goal one day at a time.

In her own words, “When you decide to live your life with the goal of empowering your community, others will take note and join in the empowerment of the world.”

Currently, Linecia plans to expand her vision with the goal of launching an empowerment t-shirt line for women and girls, motivational speaking, participation in empowerment events, and one day writing an empowerment book to continue her dream of spreading the gift of self-empowerment.  She is inspired by the present and excited about the future of living a better life!

Please visit Linecia’s wonderful website at

Linecia Gilmore



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  1. maurice harrison, 13 years ago

    call me at 646-533-4667

  2. Adriane Simmons, 13 years ago

    Thanks Linecia for all your continued support with GEMS and Jewels! You have truly inspired our girls and they certainly view you as a role model. You have selflessly given so much to others and God will continue to bless you!

  3. Linecia Gilmore, 13 years ago

    Thank you all for your support and encouragement!!

    Terell!! This world is so small! It is great to hear from you and thank you for the kind words! I hope all is well with you. Please email me…I would love to catch up!

  4. Terell (Thomas) King, 13 years ago

    Linecia you are doing great things, as I knew you would, and I am proud to have spent some middle and high school years with you! NEVER STOP because you know there is much to be done. Congratulations.

  5. cholley, 13 years ago

    You are definitely an inspiration to the young generation of African American woman to pursue your dreams and they will come true. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. Kara Norman, 13 years ago

    Congrats Linecia! You are amazing and thank sagain for being one of our panelist at our Self Esteem Workshop for girls over the weekend!

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