Lisa – Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur

Afro Puffs and Ponytails present Lisa, a professional African American woman Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur from Santa Barbara, California.

lisaI remember the day my parents purchased a computer.  I was 10 years old and all too eager to click every icon, open every folder, and browse every web site and I realized that I wanted to be one of the people that created the applications on the computer that fascinated me and kept my finger glued to the mouse.  In high school among my other activities, I joined the Computer Club and created web pages for the school’s organizations.  At college, choosing Computer Science as a major was a no brainer.  College was four years of hard work focusing on my core programming and design classes as well as math which is essential to the foundation of Computer Science.

On the other hand, as a kid, I actively exercised my creative muscle but the balance shifted more towards computer science during college as it became hard to balance both worlds.  Little did I know my quest to find pure and natural ingredients for bath products would also satiate my need for creative stimulation.  Using my imagination, I created works of art from soap to give as gifts to family and friends.  Being encouraged by others who were impressed with my soap was the catalyst behind Serah’s.  Therefore, Serah’s was established in March 2007.

Being a computer scientist, I was prepared for the technical responsibilities of my business because I had the skills necessary to serve as the webmaster for my online shop.  As far as the business side of Serah’s, there was a great deal of knowledge I needed to acquire but there are many resources out there that offered assistance.

I have a need to always employ both sides of my brain.  But in that need while I was growing up lied challenges I faced as others encouraged me to purse computer science more than art.  I have been blessed to stumble upon a path in life which offers me the best of both worlds.  For the young ladies reading this, my advice is to follow your heart and work hard to achieve your goals.
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  1. pok, 12 years ago

    please are u married? goodluck

  2. Feddie Jackson, 13 years ago

    Just about every black girl(woman) can identify with your article about getting started in a business or in a job. You are just one of the many women that our young girls have to look up to and know that they to can be anything they want. And know that all it takes is a dream and knowing where you are headed. Setting a goal and sticking to it. Much more success with all that you set your mind to do.

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