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mutiya1Mutiya Vision is an extraordinary woman encompassing wife, mother, poet, author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. Writing has always been a crucial component to Mutiya’s survival. It has been a best friend to her. Growing up she used writing to work out issues and turn her pain of emotions into poems of inspiration. Mutiya has shown that “beauty is as beauty does” by taking control of her destiny, enriching her own life and showing others how to do the same! Part of a dynamic husband and wife business team, Mutiya and David have collaborated to write and publish 10 children’s books that entertain, raise the human spirit and strengthens the mental development in children of all ages. As a result, Vision Works Publishing is a growing children’s book press which produces a unique line of hard cover “character development” picture books.

Mutiya landed in this world on an unstable and volatile foundation. Challenged at birth with a physical impairment called “congenital amputee” of the left arm, and a teenage mother who struggled with depression and addiction, Mutiya was placed into foster care for her first three years of life. When she was reunited with her mother an abusive step father demonstrated his resentment daily with beatings to remind her that she was not his child. Though the challenges faced from birth seemed to mount as Mutiya progressed through life, she never wavered from believing “she could” when others suggested she could not! She has mastered the art of turning life’s challenges into opportunities and treating obstacles as learning tools for transforming negatives into positives. Mutiya has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. She resides in New York with her husband and their five children.

Here are Mutiya’s inspirational words  for young girls on being successful:

One of the biggest components to attaining success lies in finding your calling (purpose).  That’s the thing you were created to do. It excites you to wake up every morning  and you’re sad that sleep has to interrupt it’s progression. It gives you a reason to live.Remember, the time to act is always now. Keep learning new things. Keep evolving. Keep moving in the direction you want to grow. Every time you reach a goal, dream some more and set new goals.  Success is an ongoing process. No challenge is too big if you approach it one step at a time.

Once you find it, use your talents to make the world a more beautiful and beneficial place.  Maintain friendships with like minded achievers. Enjoy life responsibly.  Stay positive and visualize the world you want to see. Then make your contribution, and don’t let anyone tell you that your vision can’t be done. Always ask yourself how can this or that can be done?  Perhaps you were born to create a solution that will transform the world and inspire others to find their own way.

Mutiya Vision

For more information about Mutiya Vision and Vision Works Publishing, please visit the website.

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  1. Doreen Hemphill, 12 years ago

    i am looking for self esteem camps for my daughter who loves to write poetry, but afraid to come out of her shell. she feels that she needs a boy to complete her and I let her know this is not the case. she is doing poorly in school and losing focus. Please help

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