Sweet Honey Child – Great Gift Products for African American Girls!

Website: www.sweet-honey-child.com

I have found another great website that carries gift products and accessories for African American girls! It’s called Sweet Honey Child! It is a beautiful website filled with T-shirts, earrings, party invitations,  and much more.  Many of the items have pictures of cute little brown skinned girls of different shades.  Now isn’t that wonderful?!

Jeri Stone is the creative entrepreneur behind the Sweet Honey Child products that celebrate the heritage and reflect the beauty of browned skinned girls.  Concerned by her four year old niece’s request for a ‘white only’ Barbie party and challenged by the lack of a selection in the marketplace for African American girls, she decided to make invitations and favors that depicted a little brown ‘cutie’. The well received items made Jeri realize that our little darlings need everyday products that reinforce their beauty and importance. Sweet Honey Child was born.

Ten years later, Jeri is still highly motivated and hard at work to provide quality products for our girls that will positively influence the image they have of themselves while, at the same time, instill racial pride.

Click on over to Sweet Honey Child, and mark it as one of your favorites! The holidays are upon us, and I’m certain she may be able to help provide some gift ideas for that special little princess in your life!

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  1. Kim Morris, 7 years ago

    Hi, I’m looking for lunch boxes for little black girls.
    Do you know where I can locate them?

  2. Afro Puffs and Ponytails, 12 years ago

    Great website, beautiful products!

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