A Little Sugar For The Eyes

I surf the net quite frequently and sometimes I come across some very interesting and inspiring websites. I want to share this particular one with you. It’s a little sugar for the eyes.  I feel the overwhelming desire to recognize our African American girls and their accomplishments; a desire to promote African American women and their achievements. Well Melissa, of Afro Sugar, and I appear to be one in thought with our ideas as she displays on the regular, images of beautiful women of the African descent.

She states in her own words,

“with the all too often less than flattering images of black women being put out by the media nowadays, I was very intrigued by the idea of serving up something different and possibly entirely unexpected…..a long overdue and tasteful tribute to the diverse collective beauty of women of African descent”.

When you get a chance, mosey on over to Afro Sugar and savor the sweet view of some beautiful black, brown and tan women.  There’s enough sugar to make you fat…with pride and appreciation of our unique and often over-looked beauty.

Keep up the great work Melissa!

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