Happy Mother’s Day!

msthomas1To all of the Mothers:

My prayer today for everyday is that each of you seek God and put Him first in all that  you do.  May He bless you and cover you with His love, grace, and mercy!

I dedicate this poem to all of the women and girls.

She is

She’s diamonds from coal
Pearls from sand
Not the two in the bush
But the one in your hand

She’s the stars God set in the Heavens
She’s the sun He set blazing on high
She’s the moon that gives a golden glow
Cast over the midnight sky

She’s strawberries and champagne
Sunshine and rain
Midnight and twilight
Joy, not pain

She’s satin and silk
Silver and gold
The greatest love story
That’s ever been told

She’s the waters of the Caribbean
The island of Jamaica
She’s the reflection of perfection
Everywhere you take her

She is the gift from Adam’s rib
Taken from his side
He could not have imagined her more perfect
Not even if he tried

She is intelligence, she is beauty
Created by God above
She is favor, she is strength
Most of all, she is love.

Author~ Antoinette Corbin

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