Let’s Give Due Props to African American Teen Girls!

msthomasAcknowledging and displaying appreciation for African American teen girls in the home, at school, and in settings created by clubs, organizations,  mentoring programs specifically designed for African American teen girls  improve communication and builds an environment for positive recognition.  It enhances genuine relationships between African American girls and those who are giving the recognition.

Props- what exactly is it? It’s the same as an accolade- to give praise, distinction, prestige or honor. When someone receives “proper” and  positve recognition, they are likely to be more  committed to that individual,  and it reinforces a positive purpose for themselves and the people who are important to them.

Have you ever been in a situation where you overhear someone close to you, who hardly ever gives you compliments, singing your praises about something that you have done or that you are doing? Isn’t that a strange but pleasant feeling? Doesn’t it make you stand taller, try harder, and connect even more with that individual? YES it does!

Give props to an African American teen girl today.  Send in your recommendations so we can all join in and recognize her achievements and accomplishments openly.

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