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msthomas1I want to thank all of the founders, directors, and staff of the organizations, clubs, youth and mentoring programs for girls who have joined our efforts to create a resource listing for the parents and readers who are seeking them out.  Having the opportunity to speak and communicate with many of you has been such a pleasure! I can hear your dedication and desire to help our girls become successful, mentally, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

If you take a moment to do a search on google, yahoo, and some of the other search engines, it is rather frustrating when trying to find information on wonderful and positive organizations that I know are available.  What you will find is Girls Inc. , the Boys and Girls Club, and the YMCA.  Yes, these organizations are great, but what about the variety of other  great programs?  The programs that may be specifically designed just for girls needing a positive place to learn and grow.  We want to bring these other options for girls to the forefront.

It troubles me to key in the terms African American girls and find links, and so many articles and studies of black youth, or  black teens who are being featured because research and statistics state they are more likely to catch sexually transmitted diseases (std’s), drop out of school, become pregnant, or are less likely to succeed.  You will find very few headlines singing the praises of those who are doing the exact opposite.  I know that some of  this dreadful information may be true, and an ounce of knowledge is worth a pound of cure, but sometimes in order to change the negative you have to start  by speaking and promoting the positive.  There has to be a healthy balance.

I want to help the lights of organizations and clubs for girls to brightly shine!  Most of them spend their time working the programs.  The work is with the girls and not on the websites, so they don’t really have time to advertise or to strategically market  their information.   For some non-profit organizations, it is  not financially feasible.  However, when there isn’t much action on your web presence, your ranking drops and it requires an in dept search to find you out.  We want to change all of that.  This is why we created the category, so we can help provide another avenue for finding programs for young black girls and teenagers. 

We want to also spread the word to parents of girls who participate in these programs of our desire to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of their daughters and  to promote women with stories with whom they can relate to.  We are going to  diligently work and promote the positive,  and I thank those of you who have decided to join us.


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