Share Your Positive Affirmations for Women and Girls!

kaylasmile Just as you are what you eat, you are what you think, speak, and believe.

As a teenager, I struggled with peer pressure, family pressure and every other pressure.  There are so many people in the world today who are hurting and will lash out to hurt you and to inflict pain on everyone they meet.  Their darts of anger and hostility bounce off of strong well grounded people, but for those of us who may be struggling with our own insecurities and inners dealings with self confidence, self esteem, and self image, that distressed individual who lashes out can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back so to speak.

 If you think highly of yourself, treat yourself well, and most importantly draw closer to God, it’s amazing how wonderful life can be.

What are some of your positive affirmations  to your daughter, or young ladies in general?  Share some of them with us!

I’m passionate about everything that matters to me, powerful beyond what others can see, and living life to the fullest as the peculiar, positive and beautiful me!

Tips for Affirming African American Girls
Here are three tips to help you to affirm young, African-American girls and help them to develop into confident young women. Click here


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  1. Afro Puffs and Ponytails, 12 years ago

    Thank you for visiting our website! Ms. Capricorn Diva:
    Your daughter is going to be fine because you are already a step ahead of the problems so many other black girls experience…a lack of support. Keep encouraging her, and she will appreciate it and grow up to be confident and proud to have a mother like you helping her along the way.

  2. capricorndiva28, 12 years ago

    Thank you for the above affirmation and this site. My daughter is seven years old and I locked her hair. Some days she loves it but other days she gets insecure because all of the girls around her have either natural “good hair” (it pains me write that) or a perm. I constantly tell her that she is beautiful and you know what? It works! I know she’s going to have issues later about something having to do with appearance but I am getting her while she’s young. Thank you again for your post

  3. Sample Hardship Letter, 12 years ago

    Thank you so much, there aren’t enough posts on this… or at least i cant find them. I am turning into such a blog nut, I just cant get enough and this is such an important topic… i’ll be sure to write something about your site

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