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Whether your hair is Au Natural or not, you should love your hair because it is an extension of you. Keep it clean, and take time to learn styles that make you feel great! Whenever I see a young lady or woman with a nice hair style,  it tells me that she truly cares about herself. Time is valuable and whenever  you make time to care for your hair, you are showing that  YOU know that part of you  is valuable just like the rest of you.

Sometimes people get overly serious and too critical about our lovely kinky hair. Yes, you should be committed to great hair care but don’t go to the extreme.  To lighten things up in a positive way, we created our very own Afro Puffs and Ponytails Hair Love chart. Which  hair love style is YOUR favorite?

  1.   Wrapped Up Hair Love – My hair is precious to me and sometimes it needs a break from nature and the harsh environments’ hand play in my hair.  So I wrap  it up in festive, vibrant hair dresses for that soft feminine touch.
  2.   Rows of Hair Love – My hair is precious to me and sometimes it needs an extended, rooted break from nature and the harsh environments’ hand play in my hair. So I corn row it back with a puff or with the corn rows of love hanging down. Whichever one suits my fancy!
  3.   Side Rows of Hair Love – When I just want to be sassy, I cornrow my hair on one side and add a little love explosion for special   effects. It makes people take a second look when I walk by.
  4.   Puff Hair Love – Puff love is a natural by-product of my beautiful kinky-curly hair, so when I want to be bold and uniquely beautiful, it’s Puff hair love all the way. Gotta love them puffs!
  5.   Love Come Down Hair Love– My hair is so versatile that at times, I want the sleek,  smooth, straight look to remind me that I can do many things with my hair because it’s just that special.
  6.  Beads of Hair Love – It’s all about the Motherland baby!
  7.   Love Explosion Hair Love – Sometimes it’s not only a nice to give people some “shock & awe”, it’s just straight out necessary!
  8. Side Puff Hair Love – When I rock the side puff, it simply means I’m feeling fearless and funky fresh! Need I say more?
  9. Love A Flair Hair Love – Pulling my hair back and letting it flair freely makes me feel independent and totally liberated!
  10. Polished Side Puff Hair Love – This styles states that not only can I adjust to every occasion, I can rise above them too.
  11. Sunday Hair Love – When I pull out the hat, you better believe I’m feeling easy like Sunday morning.
  12. Glamorous Hair Love – If you are shooting for that classy style of elegance and sophistication, the glamorous hair love is the way to go!

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