Girls Love Your Curls – Helpful Hair Care Videos for African American/Black Girls

Thanks to Nikki, I had the pleasure of  viewing videos that provide parents and caretakers of  African American/Black girls with some helpful and fun tips for natural hair care! The videos are located on the YouTube channel, “GirlsLoveYour Curls”.   Nadine, the mother, creator, and narrator of the videos, lives between the UK and the United States, but her parents are from Ghana.   Nadine has two beautiful girls as seen in the picture of this post.  She stated on her channel, “I would love for this channel to empower parents and caretakers, so they can empower their children, by teaching them how to take care of and LOVE their natural hair!”

The videos provide tips and information on things such as washing, detangling, and protective styles. They also include funny reenactments of Nadine’s childhood natural hair days and I had my share of deep and hardy laughs! She does a great job putting the videos together. I contacted Nadine and asked her a few common questions that parents and caretakers ask when caring for their girl’s natural hair. 

Nadine’s responses to Afro Puffs and Ponytails’ natural hair care questions:

Afro Puffs and Ponytails: In your words, what is the key to African American/Black girls having healthy hair?

Nadine: In my experience, I have found that the key to healthy hair has been infrequent and gentle manipulation, protective styling and most importantly learning YOUR hair. It’s important to understand that each head of hair is a unique combination of thickness, density, porousness, curl pattern, texture etc. Hair may look the same as someone else’s, but it may not respond in the same way to products or styling techniques. Learning and understanding your hair’s individual needs results in healthy hair.

Afro Puffs and Ponytails:  How often should parents wash their daughter’s hair?

 Nadine:  Each head of hair is so  unique, I don’t believe that hard and fast rules about how often hair should be washed, will work for everyone. My oldest daughter has very porous hair, so her hair has a tendency to be very dry. I mostly wash her hair bi-weekly, but have been known to co-wash after a week, if I feel her hair is thirsty for some serious moisture. My youngest daughter’s hair is the opposite. I generally wash her hair bi-weekly also, but if her hair has been tucked away in a protective style; away from the elements, her hair is quite happy to go for longer. I listen to each of my girls hair needs individually. If their hair is dirty, then I wash it. If their hair is dry then I moisturize. I don’t wait for a set time frame or day. I have a rough idea of when their hair will be washed, but their hair needs dictate the regime, which can change from week to week. 

Afro Puffs and Ponytails:  How do you teach your girls to embrace and love their unique hair?

 Nadine:  I believe helping my daughters to love and embrace their hair starts with me and how I respond to it. If a child feels their hair is a burden to their parent or caretaker, they will eventually internalize negative feelings about it. That’s why it is so important to make sure you are enjoying the process of maintaining their hair too. My aim is for them to develop positive associations. I try to make hair sessions as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. When I am doing a protective style, that takes a while, they get to watch a favorite movie. I make sure they have healthy snacks and drinks to hand. I also like to get them involved. We shop for cute hair accessories together that they can’t wait to put on! They really enjoy discussing what styles we should try next. When I’ve finished a style I let them help pick out their own hair accessories from our little collection. Another thing to think about is that hair styles can look totally different on each of my daughters, because of differences in shrinkage, hair length and texture. Sometimes I may have to adapt a hair style because of this, but I make sure we all embrace both looks picking out things we love about each one. I always make sure we are full of compliments when it comes to their hair.

Thank you so much Nadine for sharing with Afro Puffs and Ponytails! I am including in this post one of your videos for detangling natural hair.

Please visit her YouTube channel “GirlsLoveYourCurls” and I know you will enjoy her hair care videos!

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  1. Sujai Cobb, 9 years ago

    This is excellent! I only wish there had been something like this when I was a child!

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    I love the picture of you and the girls!

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