Loving Me by Angelot Ndongmo – A Book for Young African American/Black Girls

Book Title: Loving Me

Author:Angelot Ndongmo

Reading Level: Ages 4-8


Book Review: In my opinion, the best way to help instill a great sense of pride and high self-esteem in our young black girls is to start early. That is exactly what this book does! Angelot Ndongmo’s book, Loving Me, is her desire in action to start early with exposing girls in a positive light to some of the issues many of our young ladies are having difficulty dealing with today.

The story rhymes along as it addresses hair, skin, physical features, and simple yet magnificent self love.  The illustrations are beautiful and tend to send you into a proud, magical dream world of self-appreciation, even as an adult! My favorite part is of the pretty little brown girl in a pink dress with kinky-coily afro puffs.  She is “as rare as a diamond, and as special as a pearl”!

The cover of the book is a deep purple, a color often associated with royalty and prestige. Also, the images on the cover are of happy, cheerful little black girls with afro puffs, ponytails, braids, and the naturally beautiful afro!

This books is basically an outline for deeper conversation and questions between parents and daughters or caregivers/teachers and students.  I think this inspiring book should be on the shelf of all precious little black girls everywhere.

Thank you Angelot Ndongmo for caring about the pride and self esteem of our little black girls!

For more information about the Author, please visit www.lovingme.ca.  If you have purchased this book, please share your opinions and comments with us.

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  1. Christy, 12 years ago

    Thank you for publishing such a beautiful book!

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