The Cedarmore Corporation – Freeport, NY

Name: The Cedarmore Corporation

Founder & CEO: Bishop Frank Otha White



The mission of The Cedarmore Corporation is to improve the educational, social and emotional development of youth representing the diverse population of families from Nassau and Suffolk counties. To educate, elevate and, motivate others in order for them to achieve healthy productive lives. We seek to address the most critical needs in our communities by adhering to four foundational elements.

• To enter a collaborative and collective forum

• To promote tolerance for people of all races and cultures

• To formulate and implement innovative ideas that produce programs that effect change

• To begin a chain of perpetual progress for present and future generations

Program Development Timeline

1995        Big Brothers Basketball Association established

2001        Afterschool Enrichment Program established

2004        “Ready, Set, kNOw” Program developed under Nassau County Common Sense for the Common Good initiative

2004        Young Entrepreneurs Training Program created

2012        Freeport Farmers’ Market launched

Since its inception, Cedarmore Youth Services has provided a wholesome, structured environment that has enriched the lives of more than 10,000 youth and their families.


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