Don’t You Know You are Beautiful Just the Way You Are! – G. A. Sealy

Afro Puffs and Ponytails is always searching for inspirational books for black girls and we are beginning to see more of what we want our girls to read and see! This book is short, sweet, and simply powerful.  Don’t You Know You are Beautiful Just the Way You Are! by G.A. Sealy addresses some of the popular concerns of little black girls.  According to G. A. Sealy,”this book was written to teach young girls that although they may look different than the girls they see in magazines or on television, they are truly beautiful just the way they are.



In this book, Destiny expresses her dissatisfaction with her looks once she begins to take notice of the appearance of other girls she observes on television and when she begins to compare herself to her friends. Her mother, however, does a great job of pointing out her daughter’s inner beauty as well as her physical beauty.  This book demonstrates how important it is for girls to hear more positive words regarding their inner and outer beauty.  The book also shows how crucial it is to plant positive seeds in the minds of our girls AND how we should nurture those positive seeds all while being mindful to consistently weed out the negativity girls encounter on a regular basis.

The author, G. A. Sealy, is a certified health and wellness educator, a life coach with an emphasis in weight loss, and a certified science educator, having worked in public schools in New York, and in the state of Georgia. His experiences as an educator, and having a young daughter and niece, who at times question their own beauty due to the images they constantly encounter in the media, was the inspiration behind writing the first title in his I Love Me series of books, designed to promote self-confidence, self- acceptance, love of health and wellness in young people


We give “Don’t You know You Are Beautiful Just the Way You Are”

5 Afro Puffs out of 5

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