Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale – Sara Crutcher

Name of book: Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale

Author: Sara Crutcher

Pages: 38 pages

Great for ages: 5-9 years

Often times we have no idea of what children are truly feeling and thinking…until they grow up. That’s when they begin to communicate their feelings about experiences they’ve had on their young journey in life. We are so pleased that Ms. Sara Crutcher put some of her personal adoption experiences into words along with beautiful pictures to give us a little insight of thoughts from a child’s perspective of being adopted. This book serves as a great ice-breaker for parents and children whether its concerning adoption, divorce (step parents), foster care, or just families with different physical characteristics. It also sheds heavenly light on the wonderful people who open their hearts and lives to children who are very much in need of it.

We give this heart touching book 5 afro puffs out of 5

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  1. Shauna, 6 years ago

    Do you know if this will be made available as a Kindle book? I like the idea of an adoption theme for my girl (there’s an adopted girl in her class and she’s been asking questions about what that means) but the pages are too short for me to justify getting a physical book.

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