Straight Talk – A Mother Daugther Conversation about Self-Acceptance & Loving Your Hair

Name of the book: Straight Talk -A Mother Daughter Conversation about Self Acceptance and Loving Your Hair

Author: Dr. Kirleen Neely PhD, LPC-S

Pages: 24 pages

Great for ages:  8 – 13 years

You can never have too many books about self acceptance for girls

The topic of good hair and bad hair has been around for a long time. This mild mannered book gently yet clearly tackles the topic with ease. Two sisters, in their moment of frustration that girls often experience while having their crown of beautiful, kinky, curly hair “done”, stir up helpful conversation from their mother about the history of good hair and bad hair.

The girls carefully listen to a good hair-bad hair story  and how the terms came into existence. They also hear why it is important for them to dispel the negative thoughts and beliefs that have been passed on through the years from the days of slavery. Straight Talk is a wonderful spring board for molding young girls of color and for teaching them to embrace their natural beauty. This book serves as a wonderful starting point for dialogue and for building healthy, strong self esteem!

We give Straight Talk – A Mother Daughter Conversation about Self Acceptance and Loving Your Hair

5 afro puffs out of 5


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