“Girl Talk 101” 2014 – With Sister Girl in Athens, GA


What happens when you bring a group of girls, young ladies, and women together with food, fun, and festivities? You have a great time! That is exactly what took place on today in Athens, Georgia. Ms. Turice Brown, Sister Girl, hosted another wonderful Girl Talk 101 event. There were sessions for 3 age groups and there were plenty of volunteers on site to make sure everything went well.

Girl Talk 101 with Sister Girl

Afro Puffs and Ponytails spoke on the appropriate use of technology (cell phones and social media) The girls shared their knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine.

gt and app founder
Kim  Thomas, Founder of Afro Puffs and Ponytail and one of the young ladies from the Girl Talk 101 workshop
Ms. Tonya Knox, Health Educator with Teen Matters spoke with the high school girls about STI’s, pregnancy, and self care.
girl talk 101 2014 1 
Ms Jacinda Walker, an Attorney  out of Atlanta covered one of her favorite topics, “Fun with Finances”
girl talk 101 2014 2
Mrs. Robin Finch Brinkley, a Guidance Counselor with Clark County Schools spoke to the girls about communication and good study habits.
girl talk 101 2014
Ms. Trina Chenault, a Travel Agent and former Military Police Officer spoke with the girls about bullying and domestic violence.
 Ms. Trina Chenault


There were many more wonderful volunteers on site for the girls and we are very thankful for the service of all who contributed!


Ms. Turice Brown Sister Girl

Thank you Ms. Turice Brown – My Sister Girl for starting such a wonderful event and for being the Super Hostess with the Most and Best!



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