Inspiration For Teenage Girls – How to Strive For Greatness in a Demanding World

Study and stay in schoolThese are the years of your life that will help to mold you into the person that you will be as an adult. At least that is what everyone keeps telling you, right?! It seems that with every passing year, there is more and more pressure on you to build yourself up into something great for your future.

From your teachers pushing you in school, to your parents’ well-intentioned demands, these can be stressful years for you. There are simple strategies that you can adopt to help you to strive for greatness in the wake of all of this pressure. These are easy steps that you can take at your own speed and with your own motivation to help you along. No stress included.

Strategy One

Start appreciating you for who you are. There is a tendency for people to look to the outside world to determine if they should appreciate themselves. The first step to strive for greatness is to appreciate yourself and block out the idea that you need to put yourself up against the images from the rest of the world. You are a great and wonderful person who deserves to be treated with the kindness and respect that you give every person that you encounter eachSweetie, you are a star! day. Take time to show your appreciation by taking part in your favorite activities.

Strategy Two

Avoid negative talk and negative self talk. This can be one of the trickiest steps to do to as you embark on this journey. If you are like most people, you will have a tendency to talk negatively about yourself. The phrases that you use to put yourself down to other people or to yourself are nothing but energy zappers. These statements zap all of the positive energy that you have inside of you and leave you feeling empty and down about yourself.

Strategy Three

celebrate your achievementsStop apologizing for your accomplishments. Every accomplishment that you have in your life needs to be celebrated. It is best to be grateful for each and everything that you have now.

No matter what the size of the accomplishment, it needs to be celebrated. Getting an A on that quiz today deserves to be celebrated as much as the final grade on your report card. It is the smaller steps in the journey that lead us to bigger and better things.

Strategy Four

Enjoy the skin that you are in. Do not be so focused on changing yourself to meet other people’s goals or even your own. It is important to be happy and to love every part of you from your skin to what defines you as a person right now. Never let anyone tell you that you need to change.

By using these simple strategies you can help to reduce the stress that comes at you on a daily basis from all around you. Take time to take care of yourself and love the person you are and all that you are becoming!

 Author: Deanna Collins


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