It’s Okay NOT To Have A Boyfriend


It’s Okay NOT To Have a Boyfriend

ok-to-not-have-a-boyfriendGirls are constantly given the message that they are not complete without a boyfriend. Whenever you turn on the TV you see commercials or shows with couples walking hand in hand looking very much in love. And if you pick up a copy of YM or Cosmo Girl magazine you’ll read headlines that say things like: “How to get him to notice you.” Or, “How to get the guy of your dreams to ask you out in six easy steps.” It’s enough to make a girl feel like there’s something wrong with her if she doesn’t have a boyfriend or at least a guy that she’s interested in.

Believe it or not, there is nothing wrong with not having a boyfriend. You are not the only girl who doesn’t have a boyfriend. And finding a boyfriend just for the sake of being in a relationship is a bad idea. A healthy relationship can only happen when both people are ready and feel complete within themselves.

Sometimes when you focus too much attention on finding a boyfriend, you let your own dreams and interests slip away. And sometimes you even become depressed because you begin to base your happiness and sense of self on whether or not you’re in a relationship. Stop buying into the myth that you are not complete unless you’re in a relationship. This is simply not true.

In fact, one of the most obvious indicators of a confident and empowered girl is one who doesn’t need a guy to validate her. Enjoy being single. Spend time doing things that interests you and contribute to your positive development. When the time is right you will find a boyfriend.

This article is excerpted from Cassandra Mack’s book, “Cool, Confident and Strong: 52 Power Moves for Girls.”

Cassandra Mack is the CEO of Strategies for Empowered Living Inc., and the producer and host of The No More Drama Hour of Power online talk radio show. She has written six books and brings her message of empowerment and personal excellence accross the country by speaking at conferences and conventions. You can visit Cassandra on the web at:


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  1. Sun, 13 years ago

    I am loving your attitude, yes it is okay for girls to not have boyfriends. As a matter of fact, it is better for them not to. Teens need to focus on their education and being a good sibling, daughter or son to their parents not trying to to a “girlfriend” too soon. Relationships are hard work. You can save that energy for your studies then get a boyfriend later on in life. Teens have plenty of time.

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