Love Yourself Just The Way You Are

One of my favorite songs is a song by India Aria entitled, “Video.” In this song she sings about how she does not look like the idealized girls in popular music videos, but that she’s beautiful none-the-less. Contrary to the images of beauty that are often portrayed on television and in magazines, there is no such thing as the perfect kind of beauty because we are all beautiful in our own unique way. The key to being your most beautiful self is learning how to accentuate your natural attributes so that the real you can shine through. Here are three things that you can do to love yourself just the way you are.

1. Be Confident. Projecting an attitude of confidence (not conceit) makes you more alluring and appealing. People will want to get to know you, because you’ll come off as a girl who’s comfortable in her own skin and who’s fun to be around. Even if you feel a bit nervous, do your best to project a positive and upbeat attitude. What will happen eventually is even if you’re a bit insecure, by making it a habit to think and act more confidently, in time your inner attitude will catch up with your outer persona.

2. Be Your Own Cheerleader. It’s great to have people in your life who lift you up and cheer you on. But, sometimes things won’t work out that way and you’ll have to become your own cheerleader. How? Talk to yourself as if you were coaching a star athlete. If you were coaching a star athlete, you would not talk down to her nor would you allow negative comments to enter her space. I know it sounds corny, but this tip is known to work.african-american-girls

3. Get Physical. Girls who participate in some form of physical activity tend to feel more confident and in control than those who do not. It’s not about losing weight or burning yourself out. It’s about getting your body moving so that you’ll have more energy and drive, not to mention you’ll probably meet new friends as well.

About the Author: Cassandra Mack

Cassandra Mack, MSW is an expert on teen issues and the author of, “Young, Gifted and Doing It: 52 Power Moves for Teens,” and “Cool, Confident and Strong: 52 Power Moves for Girls.”

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