My Dear Princess, You ARE Worth The Wait

As our world tosses and turns in turmoil and fast changes, we are losing so many of our precious girls.  There is a way of life, an order put in place by God for men and women to become one, but it is being overlooked for the sake of claiming, proving, satisfying, or pleasing someone.  The cost of claiming, proving, and pleasing is too high and our world is suffering the consequences of  ignoring God’s way.

You’re Worth the Wait

My precious daughterThe choice to have sex is a decision that only you can make. Even if your parents have talked to you a thousand times or threatened to tie a chastity belt around your waist if you even think about having sex, the bottom line is only you can decide what to do. The best decision is to always wait and to spend some time thinking about how you’re going to handle yourself if you are ever placed in a situation that tempts you to go a little too far. You need to decide now before you get caught in the heat of the moment, what your position on sex will be. If you wait until you get caught up in the movement, how will you know if you’ve made the right decision? The decision to have sex can affect your self-image, your reputation, your health, your education, your goals, how soon you become a mother and so much more. You’ve got to be sure that you won’t have any regrets after it’s all said and done. Can you be sure?

Sex is a whole lot more than physical pleasure. It is intended as a gift that a husband and wife share with each other. This is why it is best to hold out. Casual sex is not cool. In the long run it diminishes your self-esteem and confidence.

If you are thinking about having sex, talk to an adult you trust before rushing into something that you may regret. If you are worried about gettingMy Precious Princess pregnant, contracting a sexually transmitted disease, what your parents will think if they find out, your reputation, or whether or not the guy will stick around for the long haul, then you are not ready to have sex. Because all of these things are very real consequences that could occur if you decide to have sex.

I know you’ve heard it a thousand times. But honestly: What’s the rush?

When you are ready you won’t have any fears or doubts. Sex will not make you popular, because your real friends will accept you whether you’re doing it or not. And trust me, everybody is not doing it. Sex will not make guys love you or be faithful to you because if a guy truly loves you he will respect your decision to wait and will not mess around while he’s waiting.

My Precious KaylaChoosing to wait is not a decision that only a virgin can make. Even if you’ve had sex in the past you can choose abstinence. Many young women who have had sexual experiences in the past are reclaiming their virginity by abstaining from sex. You might be asking yourself, “how can a woman reclaim her virginity?” When I looked up the word virgin, one of the definitions given was, to be in a pure and natural state. By choosing celibacy you are choosing to be in your pure and natural state. While you are waiting for the right time there are many things that you can do to focus your attention away from sex. You can:

1. Study hard and improve your grades

2. Get involved with extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, music, art, poetry and other activities that allow you to express your creativity.

3. Discover your fashion sense. You can follow some of the clothing trends but hook it up with your own personal style.

4. Join a club, leadership group or start your own.

5. Participate in a community service project – make a few friends while doing good for your community.

6. Eat healthy and get some exercise. You will look and feel better.

7. Pamper yourself without going overboard. Treat yourself to a new fragrance or manicure.

8. Start your own business. There are many businesses run by teenage girls and young women. Figure out what you’re good at and offer that service to someone who needs it. Teach a skill. Design websites. Walk a dog. Wash windows. Go grocery shopping for busy people.

You will remember your first sexual experience for that rest of your life so think long and hard before you make one of the most major decisions of your life.

Copyright 2007 by Cassandra Mack

Cassandra Mack, MSW is a girls empowerment specialist and the author of, “Cool, Confident and Strong: 52 Power Moves for Girls.” Article Source:

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  1. Ernestasia, 9 years ago

    ur so right thank you for this help this is really helpin me young lady in middleschool and there’s alot of presure on this topic and this really helped me realize that just because someone else is doing it doest mean i should to cause im worththe wait and there’s alot of consenques

  2. La-Cresha Brooks, 10 years ago

    Beautifully stated! I love the things you list to focus your attention away from sex…Especially #8. You are great Kim! Please keep the articles coming!!!

  3. Afro Puffs and Ponytails, 10 years ago

    Thank you so much Ms. Lewis for sharing with us your words of wisdom and advice!

  4. Jennifer Lewis, 10 years ago

    Hi to all you beautiful ladies,

    I was interested in this topic because I have been in a similar scenario. I am 27 years old and I am a Christian woman and very proud of it. Latetly, I have been praying to God and asking him to reveal His will to me. I felt that God has spoken to me and he called me to speak with young women and advise them to practice abstenence and wait on that special person in marriage before having sex. I had a situation happen to me that really had me depressed, and I wish I would have not made the mistakes I made. But, I realize that we cannot go back in time and change the future. So, we have to live for the future and live life to the fulliest. We must know and accept the love and forgivessness of God and live the life that He wants us to live. I want to say to all the young ladies out here, you are definitely worth the wait. Please do not let anyone pressure you into doing something you do not want to do. If you feel that the pressure is too intense, please contact someone that may be able to assist you. If you do not have anyone to contact, I will be more than happy to provide my contact information. Life is a struggle, but in reality, we have to face it. Developing a close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ will help guide us and tackle the situations we encounter in this harsh world. We are all beautiful children in God’s eyes, and we should never let anyone tell us differently. God sees us through merciful eyes, and we should continously thank him for his mercy and grace. Also for anyone struggling with the pressure of life, pray and ask God to help you see what He sees. You may see you pain, but God sees his promise. God never breaks His promises made to us. He is faithful, he is true, and his will never forsake us. We may experience pain in life, but beloved always remember that God has spoken over your life. His thoughts are above our thoughts and he has the final word. Our creator has will give all his children peace. God is there and will always be there no matter what.

    I hope someone is encouraged by this comment!

  5. Ericka, 10 years ago

    Great information! It’s real candid and to the point.

  6. Afro Puffs and Ponytails, 10 years ago

    thanks everyone for the encouraging comments, and for visiting our website.

    Ms. Guinyard,

    Godly principles are first and foremost. I totally agree with you.

  7. Mary Guinyard, 11 years ago

    I totally agree! having sex is up to the young lady. Yet, I believe that in order to remain pure, the emphasis on Godly principles must be taught to our young women. We all can do this. Combine forces and teach and pray for a renewing of the mind and change will come forth.

  8. Diamondjay, 11 years ago

    this is true. wait! many people find it impossible and do it. they think they’re mising out. but once you wait and loose it to someone you love, think about the real people who are missing out.

  9. carolyn, 11 years ago

    Hi Kim,
    What an excellent article!! You are a positive voice for young girls. Keep up the good work!!

  10. Margaret, 11 years ago

    Thanks for these wonderful posts that you share!! Love your blog and I have an award for you!

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