Self-Confidence is Like the Aroma of A Delicious Home Cooked Meal

written by Kim Thomas

Home Cooked MealMy mother is an excellent cook. When Thanksgiving rolls around, all of her children make it a mission to be in place the night before so we can relax in the aroma of a meal like no other! We don’t really know how the food is going to taste just from the smell, but that smell has yet to fail our taste buds!  We offer our help with peeling potatoes, cleaning, stirring food, or running errands for depleted ingredients. One thing is for sure; when the work is complete, the finished feast of food is scrumptious!

Self-confidence is just like that aroma of my mother’s home cooked meal! The air that you have about you permeates your surroundings and everyone who encounters you expect nothing but good from you.  Because people can sense your confidence they begin to expect good things to come from you,  and they offer their help and support. When your efforts and work are complete, the finished product will be YOU, a well-rounded and successful individual! 

“Self-Confidence is  the belief and trust you have in yourself, that if you work hard and put forth your best, failure will NOT be an option” 

Have you ever known someone who is extremely talented and good at what she does?  Most of the time,  she appears to have no fear of failing or losing? That is because a confident person does not concern herself with what she will lose if she fails.  Her focus is on what she will GAIN when she finally succeeds!Dress to Impress 1

How do you build  self-confidence?  Well, you must constantly do things that make you feel good about you and the direction that your life is taking.  Here are some examples of actions that help build confidence.

-Obey your parents

-Complete your homework assignments

-Invest time in studying and reviewing the things you learn in school

-Do research for college enrollment, career opportunities, or possible military endeavors

-Set short term and long term goals

-Acknowledge things about yourself that you are not pleased with AND take action to accept, improve, and embrace the unique person that you are

-Learn to do exciting new things that make you love being alive

-Accept the power you have to create your own happiness

-Work on building confidence in you and not in people, places, or material things

-Know that above all, you are loved by God

Dismiss any negative thoughts  you may have and cover yourself with the fragrance of self confidence.  Just remember,  once people begin to enter your aura of confidence, the help and support you will begin to receive will be overwhelming!


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