Gifts for Young African American/Black Girls and Teen Girls

This year, our list entails books and products by people who support Afro Puffs and Ponytails! Being that we have had the opportunity to check out a few goods and merchandise, we decided to re-vamp our  list of “Gifts for African American/ Black Girls”.  The list includes items for young girls as well as teen girls, mothers, and grandmothers.

To view books and products of our supporters,  please click and follow the links. To our supporters, thank you!!!

Crystal Marable & Graceful Gabby

Jeri Stone & Sweet Honey Child

Kathy Pickus & Dot Girl Products

Lady Trenette Wilson & Princess Mia’s Etiquette Adventures

Dawn Daniel & Girly Roots

Asiah Wolfolk-Manny & Unlimit Yourself



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  1. Aja, 5 years ago

    Please do not forget many of our light skin sisters have kinky hair and I have been trying to find a doll and books to resemble this for a friends baby girl

  2. Pam, 8 years ago

    Can you add Images of Culture to the list? 🙂

  3. Sande, 10 years ago

    Hi all
    My 5 year old goes to a racially mixed school but predominantly white. She has recently asked to look like one of her white classmates..I expected this and prepared myself mentally to deal with it. I have explained our differences and how God made us all in a unique way. One of my favorite books “God Loves You” by Kathleen Long Bostrom is helpful. (we are Christians). I found some great books on this site that I will pick up.
    Can you offer any additional tips?

  4. Carla, 10 years ago

    I am the author of a motivational/inspirational book titled, “If She Can Beat Me Rockin’, She Can Have My Chair!” and complementary journal. This book is full of mother wit and sage advice for young women today. This makes a great gift for teenage/young women.

  5. Nicole, 10 years ago

    One of the things I am interested in doing is helping others who are going through self issues. I myself had dealt with self issues for years (low self-esteem, confidence, and worth). I wrote a book of stories dealing mainly about my self issues. I am also in the process of soon publishing another book. What I am interested in doing is traveling around to speak and help other people who are dealing with those issues. This is the link (below) to my book. The name of the book is “Unspoken Words” by Nicki Lee. (My name is Nicole. My author name is Nicki Lee). Hopefully within a week I should be in the process of publishing my second book. I dealt with low-esteem from late childhood through most of my twenties. ( I am thirty one). Talking about self esteem issues and awareness is something that I am interested in doing. Thanks

  6. Donetella Mugwanya, 10 years ago

    I love the fact that the princess and the frog was made and to get our black children to be inspired by seeing characters like Tiana on tv/dvd/movie/books/colouring books/etc. I love the fact that a site as this exists. How does one get stuff to South Africa? My daughter is 5 years old and starts BIG SCHOOL soon

  7. Afro Puffs and Ponytails, 10 years ago

    Thanks Jeri and Tieast :-).

    @Cheryl, maybe we can work together to come up with a list list of books for our girls as well.

  8. Tieast, 10 years ago

    Please check out My Pretty Wings for our line of skin care products for young girls. (we plant to introduce additional products in 2011)

  9. Jeri Stone, 10 years ago

    Afro Puffs & Ponytails deserves a HIGH FIVE for publishing this list!!! Thank you

  10. Cheryl Pope, 10 years ago

    Wow! Quite a comprehensive list. Love the afro puff dolls. I would be remissed if i didn’t mention my book as a cool gift, The Adventures of Princess Zaria. But there are so many other children’s authors that write extraordinary books. Buy a book as a gift for Christmas.

  11. Kim, 10 years ago

    Thanks Saleana!

  12. saleana, 10 years ago

    oh yeah, i;m also on facebook zuri designs by saleana. sorry for all of the posts.

  13. saleana, 10 years ago

    hi i felt the same about the gifts for african american girls, so i created a few things as well. Hope you enjoy

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