She Can’t Hear What You Say, Because What You Do is So Loud

by Kim Brown-Taylor

Parents, think before you speak and listen to what your actions say. You may be saying all of the right things , yet your actions and behavior may be the showing the total opposite. It’s very easy to do and it doesn’t make you a bad parent UNLESS it’s your regular routine. Check yourself. Moms, do you tell your daughter not to gossip, but get on the phone with your friends and gossip like you invented it?

Dad, you are not exempt from these words to the wise.  Do you tell your daughter not to promote her sexuality and then turn around when you are with your friends and gawk and squeal when you see a half naked woman on TV. If you do, then you are encouraging the very behavior you are telling her to refrain from exhibiting.

Keep this in mind. Children may not hear what you say, because what you do may be too loud.

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  1. Sherrill Sullivan, 7 years ago

    Very much interested in beginning a girls group .For the new year.Thanks Sherrill Sullivan.

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