Ladies In Waiting, Inc – Lithia Springs, GA

Name: Ladies In Waiting, Inc.

Founder/Executive Director: Crystal R. Moore


Telephone:(404) 692-4091


ladies-in-waitingLadies In Waitings’ existence is to give girls, from the Metro Atlanta area, currently focusing on Douglas County,the opportunity to obtain a non conventional education like Life Skills and Etiquette Training, to build lasting friendships, help increase their self-esteem and help them set goals that will take them beyond high school. Ms. Crystal R. Moore is the Founder and Executive Director of Ladies In Waiting, Inc.


To empower and enrich the lives of girls, making a positive impression on them by offering exposure to practical areas that include educational assistance, etiquette and manners, sisterhood, cultural growth and recreation. While promoting abstinence from sex & the prevention of drug use, smoking & violence. All while building character & self- esteem.

Vision Statement:

To produce young ladies who  hold themselves in high regard by building character & increased self-esteem, improving their academic performance, their interpersonal relationships with peers, family members & other adults, and who will honor their future by not dis-respecting their bodies through premarital sex or substance abuse.

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