Love In Abundance, Inc. – Houston, TX

Name: Love In Abundance, Inc.

Founder: Vickie Gunnells-Hodge



Telephone: (281) 901-0719

Love In Abundance incorporates the components of Human Capital to increase students efficacy to aide her in being prepared for pre-college by her sophomore year.
 To evoke the power within our students to broaden her definition of who she is and whom she has the right of becoming.
Company Overview

Love In Abundance – College Must Begin in 8th Grade


Afro Puffs and Ponytails is constantly searching for information about camps, clubs and organizations, and mentoring programs to provide as resources for parents and community organizers. It is our hopes that each resource provided will serve to build confidence, enhance self esteem, develop leadership skills, empower, uplift and educate our African American girls. We are not recommending these programs, but offering a starting point for you to conduct your own evaluation and research about whether a program is right for your child.

 For an up-to-date listing of other programs for African American girls within the USA,please click here.

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Tips for Starting A Girls Program


  1. Tekesha Hubbard, 7 years ago

    I am Tekesha Hubbard, author of Teylor High – The Summer Hook Up. I am very excited to introduce this book to young girls 8th grade through 12th grade. I would like to stop by for a “Mocha Book Chat” with the girls. I will have a few copies with me for sale and autograph the copies they bring with them. It would be an honor and privilege if allowed to stop by.
    Thank you for considering our invitation. I hope to receive a positive confirmation from you. I have enclosed a card and envelope to make it easier for you to respond. If you have any questions, I can be reached at 713-291-7888 or at
    T.D. Hubbard

  2. Sandra Wax, 8 years ago

    How to start an girls organization.

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