Sisters Working & Abiding in God (SWAG) – Perry, GA

Sisters Working & Abiding in God (Swag)

Executive Director:  Alexis Ricks


Telephone:  470-222-9674



Dedicated to serving our community, we strive to lift up youth by providing opportunities and guidance. Dynamic in our belief in God, we strive to embody excellence, integrity, and honesty in everything we do and provide. At Sisters Working and Abiding in God, we offer a range of youth leadership initiatives and educational programs to help teenage girls get ahead in life. Throughout the year, our leadership and educational curriculum is designed to build confidence and help youth rise to the top.

SWAG Movement

Empower Black Girls Girl Camps, Girl Clubs, & Girls Mentoring Programs , ,

Tips for Starting A Girls Program

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  1. Arnita Boulden, 5 years ago

    Hello I am a lady very interested in starting a girls group. Please give me some pointers on how to get it started. Thank you so much

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