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Prepping African American Girls for Success

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written by Kim Thomas Empowerment 101 for African American Teen Girls - Parents Provide the Power Empowerment is a common term used in discussions about women and girls and it has become very popular.  What is empowerment? Merriam Webster's online dictionary defines the term as:      1 : to give official authority or legal power to 2 : enable 3 : to

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Look Hot Without Taking Off Your Clothes

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This article gives helpful clothing tips to help young African American girls and teen girls look cute and sassy without looking provocative. Look Hot Without Taking Off Your Clothes We live in a culture where dressing scantily and provocatively seems to be the new norm. Television commercials are filled with young women wearing next to nothing selling

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Habits of Successful Teens

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The following article provides helpful tips that are beneficial to African American Teen girls! Habits of Successful Teens As you may have already experienced,there are no coincidences in life. What ever you sow you will no doubt reap. Our habits and thoughts make or break us. We are creatures of habits, so as a teen with your whole life ahead of you -

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Ways to Improve Self-Esteem In Teen Girls

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The following article provides several tips that may help build and improve the self esteem in African American teen girls. Super-SizingYour Teen's Self Esteem  Your teenager may go through times where their self-esteem goes up and down; especially if they’re being teased by their peers. You may want to find ways of raising your teen’s self-esteem to a higher

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A National List of Programs for African American Girls

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Are you an African American parent with a daughter who needs additional guidance and encouragement?  Are you a worker of a community agency that is responsible for placing teen girls in programs that teach basic social skills? There are numerous organizations and programs in our country seeking enrollment of young African American girls, and struggling to fill open

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