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Girls Empowerment Network – Austin, TX

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Website: Telephone: (512) 841-4093 Mission GEN's mission is to foster healthy self-esteem in girls by engaging them to explore and define their personal values and to build skills that empower them with confidence and courage to make wise choices. Values GENaustin girls will Identify important values in their lives and make decisions that are

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Smart-Girl – Denver, CO

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    Smart Girl 910 16th Street, Suite 231 Denver, CO 80202 Website: Telephone: Phone: 303-815-1921 Fax: 717-427-0419 Mission Smart-Girl is a Colorado non-profit organization that inspires pre-teen and teen girls to make smart choices and become confident, capable and self-reliant young women. "Smart-Girl offers girls the

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Self-Confidence is Like the Aroma of A Delicious Home Cooked Meal

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written by Kim Thomas My mother is an excellent cook. When Thanksgiving rolls around, all of her children make it a mission to be in place the night before so we can relax in the aroma of a meal like no other! We don’t really know how the food is going to taste just from the smell, but that smell has yet to fail our taste buds!  We offer our help with peeling

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Top 5 Things to Say to Your Teenager

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Your relationship with your teenager can often seem strained resulting from busy schedules, power struggles, and just the basic process of growing up. Here are the top 5 things that you can say to help maintain a positive rapport with your teen, despite your differences: 1. “I love you” This sounds simple, and overstated. However, you would not believe

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For Parents of African American Girls

Inspiration For Teenage Girls – How to Strive For Greatness in a Demanding World

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These are the years of your life that will help to mold you into the person that you will be as an adult. At least that is what everyone keeps telling you, right?! It seems that with every passing year, there is more and more pressure on you to build yourself up into something great for your future. From your teachers pushing you in school, to your parents'

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