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Inspiration For Teenage Girls – How to Strive For Greatness in a Demanding World

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These are the years of your life that will help to mold you into the person that you will be as an adult. At least that is what everyone keeps telling you, right?! It seems that with every passing year, there is more and more pressure on you to build yourself up into something great for your future. From your teachers pushing you in school, to your parents'

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Ways to Improve Self-Esteem In Teen Girls

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The following article provides several tips that may help build and improve the self esteem in African American teen girls. Super-SizingYour Teen's Self Esteem  Your teenager may go through times where their self-esteem goes up and down; especially if they’re being teased by their peers. You may want to find ways of raising your teen’s self-esteem to a higher

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