Girls! Do You Realize Just How Amazing and Magnificent You Are?

Do you realize just how amazing and magnificent you are? Sometimes it can be very difficult to see these qualities within yourself, particularly when we compare ourselves to others that we assume have these very qualities in larger amounts! But in reality, we all possess greatness within ourselves and have the ability to live a life of true happiness and inner peace. A key to recognizing your own magnificent attributes is to ‘Be yourself’. In my opinion, this means to live and act according to what ‘feels right’ within your own heart and in the process become the best you can be from a position of your own values and desires. I would like to further explore this principle and finish the article by offering some simple steps to ‘being yourself’ that have helped me along my own journey.

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” Lao Tzu (6th century BC) Ancient Chinese spiritual leader and founder of Taoism

It is important to understand that we are all unique and have our own journey in this life and once we recognize this, we can beginYou ARe Very Special to embrace it and even celebrate it. This very transformation can bring out a self confidence and love which can have amazing impacts on our lives and how we approach situations and people. We feel at peace with ourselves and have a greater sense of control of our lives by no longer depending on the acceptance of others on how we look, speak, dress, work or socialise. When we no longer depend on others for acceptance of ourselves, we become secure in our own skin and this energy will become evident to those we interact with. You may think that by being yourself and doing the things that make you happy it will disappoint or hurt others in the process. What I would suggest to you here is that if you choose to do what you enjoy in life, without intentionally hurting or enforcing your will on others in the process, then other people will actually come to value your honesty and consistency.

At the end of the day, everyone has a right to their opinion and to make their choices in life and so do you. Finding and being yourself is a lifelong progression in many ways, as we constantly evolve and mature as individuals. It may be challenging, but it is not a process that should scare you. Here are some simple ways to help you find your true self and chart a course of happiness on your terms:

You are amazing by Phylicia Rashad

    • Find out what makes you happy. Reflect on the people, activities, environments and careers that align most with your inner values and that would bring you most fulfilment. Go out on a sunny day in the park and let your mind be emptied of all of its worry and fear and be replaced with the sights and sounds of the calm environment. With this calm state of mind, note the reflections in your mind (perhaps even write them down on paper). It is often said that all of our answers lie within us. By getting rid of the clutter of distractions in the mind, we can actually listen to what our heart, or ‘gut feeling’, is telling us.
    • Make a decision to be yourself. This step is often the hardest and but once you make the decision it will seem as if all the pieces start to fall into place. To succeed at this step you must be willing to let go of the pre-programmed beliefs about what you think others want from you and how they expect you to act. Replace these with thoughts of accepting yourself as you are and reflecting on the things that make you such a great person. Be proud of these qualities and begin to show them to the world without fear of judgement.
    • Go after life with passion and purpose. Tap into your passions and follow them. To be passionate you need to FEEL it within you and choose to value your life and the amazing possibilities it has to offer. I encourage you to relive your childhood innocence by looking at everything you see and experiencing them with wonder and admiration as if it was for the first time. In doing this, I believe that life will be a much more exciting place and you will also begin to apply the same sense of wonder and admiration for your own unique qualities as a person.
  • View life’s events as learning for continuous growth, rather than labeling them as positive or negative experiences. There is no such thing as a failure unless you allow it to be. Choose to learn from your experiences and recognize that we are all unique and can choose to look at an experience from many viewpoints. You may receive negative feedback from your decisions or behavior, even from loved ones, but if you choose to see the experience as a learning, this can actually be an empowering experience rather than something to feel ashamed about.

“If one advances confidently in the directions of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) American author and philosopher We human beings are all unique and display greatness in our own ways. You certainly have your own exceptional talents, abilities, values and life goals; and that is what makes you amazing. It isn’t an easy choice to drop your facade and simply be yourself, but I truly believe that it is one of the most important and fulfilling decisions you may ever make on your life journey.



About the Author: Kishin Thadani is an aspiring counselor and life coach that aims to help people of all walks of life to address their life challenges and succeed at living according to their innermost desires.

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  1. Teejay Thullz, 8 years ago

    Good Day

    I am a South African mother of two girls (11 & 7) and for a while I have tried to figure out how I can help young black girls in my country to learn to love themselves. Sort of empowering them to also have better solutions to the struggles as the generation before have encountered.

    I came across your website while searching the web for similar organisations (if you may) in my country that aim at supporting and uplifting our young girls with the intention to offer my assistance. Any tips on how I can go about achieving this? I obviously know it begins at home (with my two) but I feel this can be extended to the girl next door.

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