God’s Time


Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive – ourselves.

Too often, we find ourselves with people, at places, or in things that do not serve us or that we do not serve; we have spent our precious time and life force engaged in these nouns and rarely recollect how it is that we arrived there.

We find ourselves entangled, if you will, in a web of “buts”. But how could you?, But I thought. But you said. But I loved you. But why? BUT I gave 10 years of my life to…. we are on an uncultivated journey, in the same place that we began and often times we have taken a few steps backward mentally, spiritually, and physically. Yet through it all we stay, resist change and meanwhile, the sands of our Mortality glass steadily falls……….

We practice, albeit unknowingly, deceit. We deceive ourselves when we think that we can change another, when we stay in a job or career that does not bring meaning to our lives, when we hear our truth and choose to ignore it, when we cannot decipher between a blessing and unnecessary drama, when we do “it” the same way each time, expecting different results. Yes, we deceive ourselves daily.

So, how do we begin to untangle ourselves you ask? Simply put: “know thyself.” I am not speaking of your ego “I” self that you have created that causes you to spend a disproportionate amount of time defining yourself by your car, clothing, house, job, the people you pretend to know or by what others define you as but rather, your true self. The one that is an extension of God and one with all things.

You see, when you spend as much time piecing together the puzzle of true self, when you sit and listen, you make deposits in an account that will overflow with riches – guaranteed.

It is said that no matter how hard the wind blows, it can never move a mountain. When we know ourselves, we become mountainous and are not moved into situations that do not serve. Your time on this earth becomes an irreplaceable commodity and because you are loving you, your decisions are good ones and the love you are becoming reflects and comes back to you.

Friends, lets not continue to point fingers and say ”BUT”. Instead, go within and revel in the truth that you were created by something awesome, to be awesome and bring forth your greatness.

Engage in quality time with the truth of yourself , let go of the “I” god you have been living from and it will change your world and make you an example of God’s splendor and love and in turn, inspire others to want to bask in your light and better their worlds too.

The time, your time, God’s time, is ……NOW.

See you at the top,

Tabbatha Mays


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  1. Katrina Washington, 12 years ago

    Those words were truly inspirational. It is very impoortant that we as parents and adults find our true selves so that we are able to guide our children and younger generation to success. I know I’m a whole year late but that you for the encouraging words! God Bless You

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